Sonya Palencia - Invictus Nocturnum

Invictus Nocturnum is an exhibition of new paintings by Sonya Palencia, inspired by her natural surroundings in the California mountains.

This exhibition will be on view and open to the public from Jul 4th - Jul 26th and will run alongside Jennifer Allnutt's solo show Spectre and the group show Lucid.

Beyond the veil of nightfall, a cast of characters flickers to life in these miniature paintings. You'll never know what you'll see, for there is no denying the unwavering heartbeat of nature.

Invictus Nocturnum! The undefeated night!

Join us for the virtual opening on Instagram live @beinartgallery. We'll be going live on Saturday July 4th between 9 - 10am Australian Eastern Standard Time, or for our friends in the Northern Hemisphere, Friday July 3rd between 4 - 5pm Pacific Standard Time. Hope to see...

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