Kristen Egan - All The Sunsets I Have Missed

All The Sunsets I Have Missed is the latest series of sculptures by Kristen Egan. It is an homage to the natural world: its cycles but also its timelessness.

Opening reception: Saturday, August 13th, 6 - 9pm.

This exhibition will run from August 14th - September 4th and will coincide with Stephen Ives' Spiritus Mundi and Zane York's False Swagger.

For Egan, the collection is a reminder to stop and observe the world around us: to watch the sky change colours and note the order in which the stars appear, to listen for the birds and insects that mark a particular season and to appreciate the moment. They are the memories of past observations and experiences; they also, ironically, represent those sunsets she has failed to observe, for the...

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