Kristen Egan - All The Sunsets I Have Missed

All The Sunsets I Have Missed is the latest series of sculptures by Kristen Egan. It is an homage to the natural world: its cycles but also its timelessness.

Opening reception: Saturday, August 13th, 6 - 9pm.

This exhibition will run from August 14th - September 4th and will coincide with Stephen Ives' Spiritus Mundi and Zane York's False Swagger.

For Egan, the collection is a reminder to stop and observe the world around us: to watch the sky change colours and note the order in which the stars appear, to listen for the birds and insects that mark a particular season and to appreciate the moment. They are the memories of past observations and experiences; they also, ironically, represent those sunsets she has failed to observe, for the artwork that she makes to depict nature often requires her to spend hours in her studio rather than experiencing...

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