Stephen Ives - Spiritus Mundi

Spiritus Mundi is a new collection of sculptures by Stephen Ives. It is one man’s attempt to explain current world zeitgeist through hacking inanimate, uncooperative matter into a semblance of pop/historic cultural iconography, crushed through the filters of his own mid-life crisis and the roller coaster ride of the last three years, whilst trying not to lose his shit and destroy his studio.

Opening reception: Saturday, August 13th, 6 - 9pm.

This exhibition will run from August 14th - September 4th and will coincide with  Zane York's False Swagger and Kristen Egan's All The Sunsets I Have Missed.

Stephen Ives, based in Melbourne, creates his work from a found objects, toys, model kits and malleable extras, e.g., aluminium and polymer clays. He considers his ideas as a collision of popular culture, history, feelings and thoughts. After refining the concepts, he collects and manipulates materials and brings them together in an homogenous...

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