Lush – Jana Brike | Ray Caesar | Redd Walitzki | Rodrigo Luff

Lush is an exhibition of sensual paintings by Jana Brike, Redd WalitzkiRodrigo Luff and Ray Caesar. Brike’s strangely seductive paintings explore our internal lives, with themes of longing, love and pain. Caesar’s neo-Victorian imagery, uncovers the deep desires and secrets we hide from ourselves. Walitzki’s ethereal portraits address unrealistic beauty expectations for women as well as the darker aspects of human impact on the environment. And in Luff’s pieces, goddess-like figures and animals are imbued with a sense of the otherworldly through his use of light.

Opening reception: Saturday, Nov 18th, 6pm – 9pm. Exhibition runs until Dec 3rd.

Interviews: Jana Brike, Redd Walitzki and Rodrigo Luff.

Redd Walitzki (United States) finds inspiration in the lush surroundings of her home in the Pacific Northwest and the ornate...

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