Mark Seabrook - Hunting Fabuland

Hunting Fabuland is a new series of paintings by Mark Seabrook. This collection attempts to recreate the look and feel of vintage photography and render an alternative past. Old big game hunting photographs have been combined with the childhood nostalgia of Lego Fabuland, a themed series of Lego sets featuring anthropomorphic characters released during the 1980s.

Opening reception: Saturday, October 8th, 6 - 9pm.

This exhibition will run from October 9th - October 30th and will coincide with Thomas Ascott's Skyward, Luke Chueh's Below, As It Is Above and Lix North's Plasma, Privilege and Perfidy.

Vintage photographs, whether they are someone's family snapshots or depictions of significant historical events, hold a fascination that is largely missing from the modern era of smartphone pics. The juxtaposition of...

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