Lix North - Plasma, Privilege and Perfidy

Plasma, Privilege and Perfidy is the latest collection of paintings by Lix North. Both cathartic and confronting, self-portraiture with a satirical bent has always been her favourite instrument. These new works continue to explore North’s foibles as contextual reflections of our restive epoch.

Opening reception: Saturday, October 8th, 6 - 9pm.

This exhibition will run from October 9th - October 30th and will coincide with Thomas Ascott's Skyward, Luke Chueh's Below, As It Is Above and Mark Seabrook's Hunting Fabuland.

Our species holds more power, privilege and control than ever before. Yet, like short-sited demigods intoxicated with entitlement, we flounder and obfuscate, railing against ownership or mitigation of the havoc wreaked on our singular habitat and precious cohabitants.

When our hearts bleed, we seek distraction within...

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