Michael Reedy – The Big Fit

In his new solo exhibition The Big Fit, Michael Reedy presents a series of Memento Mori inspired works imbued with a sense of sarcastic self awareness.

Opening reception: Saturday, September 8, from 6pm – 9pm. Free entry.

This exhibition runs from September 9 to September 30 and runs alongside Ronit Baranga’s solo exhibition, ‘Tea Party’.

Michael Reedy feels that his works are inspired by the Latin statement Memento Mori; a remember that we all have to die. Skulls and other objects that serve as warnings or reminders of death are featured frequently. However, these images are often gripped by satire and surrender; a wry smile with a “woe is me”. These serious reminders of our impending demise are juxtaposed between clip-art Cherubs giving us the bird, vomiting demons, skull babies, floating brains, and organ ghosts. The narrative then becomes one of aging spectacularly – though not wanting to! When...

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