Ronit Baranga - Tea Party

Ronit Baranga

In her new solo exhibition Tea Party, Ronit Baranga’s sculptures turn into living things; wild, untamed and evocative. An innocent child’s tea party gives way to a more complex scene: The girl – freeing her unruly spirit - her inner world projected on the objects surrounding her. The tea set - a symbol of civilised adult ritual - is marching in a mad parade. The baby, innocence aside, squashes a teapot and cup to a painful point. It could be the fragile nature or life-like quality of the sculptures - but something about Baranga's works is ever vulnerable, sometimes fearsome, and always compelling.

Opening reception: Saturday, September 8, from 6pm – 9pm. Free entry.

This exhibition runs from September 9 to September 30 and runs alongside Michael Reedy's solo exhibition, The Big Fit.

Ronit Baranga (Israel), a contemporary sculptress, creates figurative art on the border between...

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