Miso - Oleanders

Oleanders is an exhibition of hand-painted sculptures by Miso. This show, inspired by the Romantic and Baroque eras, features animals soaking and bathing in deadly teas as a natural defense against predators.

Opening night: Saturday, September 7, from 6–9 pm. Free entry.

This solo exhibition runs from September 8 to September 29, alongside Marina Dieul's show microKosmos & QimmyShimmy's show A Little Heart.

Miso (United States) creates art in a variety of media, and her body of work includes paintings, sculptures, drawings and etchings. Her art is often stimulated by her interpretation of the known and her experimentation with the unknown. Fascinated with biology, pathology and the science of evolution, Miso has sought to fabricate a world in which strange creatures, born of her imagination, exist and thrive among us.

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