QimmyShimmy - A Little Heart

A Little Heart is QimmyShimmy's third solo exhibition combining food, culture and memories. This series features QimmyShimmy’s twist on dim sum (点心), a style of Chinese cuisine that dates back to the Tang and Song dynasties but remains much loved and relevant today.

Interview with QimmyShimmy

Opening night: Saturday, September 7, from 6–9 pm. Free entry. QimmyShimmy will be in attendance.

This solo exhibition runs from September 8 to September 29, alongside Marina Dieul's show microKosmos & Miso's show Oleanders.

The sculptures, placed in traditional steamer baskets and porcelain bowls, combine the beauty of Chinese delicacies with the artist’s signature touch of macabre. The series started as a reaction to the common taunt that “Chinese people eat everything” and questions why a cuisine that has millennia of history and craft is rarely associated with elegance and beauty in cultures outside its own.

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