Olga Esther - Witches

Witches is a exhibition of new paintings by Olga Esther. It is her tribute to women throughout history who have been accused of witchcraft.

This exhibition will run from Oct 17th - Nov 8th and will coincide with Ronit Baranga's solo show, All Things Sweet and Painful.

While Esther enjoys something of the stereotype of witches dressed in black with cats and brooms and indeed includes something of that in this exhibition, she wanted to go further, including all those other, real women who have been forgotten behind the iconic image of what we understand as witches today.

The Witch Hunt was a huge persecution of women led by the civil and ecclesiastical powers. Current research estimates that between the mid-15th and mid-18th centuries, in Europe and America alone, more than 100,000 people were accused of witchcraft, humiliated, imprisoned and tortured, and more than 60,000...

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