Ronit Baranga - All Things Sweet and Painful

Ronit Baranga

All Things Sweet and Painful is an exhibition of life-like sculptures by Ronit Baranga taking a twisted turn into the world of sweets and desserts. The treats have their own mouths, awaiting their chance to bite. Who eats who?

This exhibition will run from Oct 17th - Nov 8th and will coincide with Olga Esther's solo show, Witches.

In this series, the table is inhabited by irresistible temptations. The tea set comes to life, each member fulfilling its role in this small society of fragile, polite beings.

On a deeper psychological level, Baranga addresses the complex relationship we have with luxuries, especially with foods: the mix of need and the insatiable hunger for more—more sugar, more attention, more love. There is a constant push against the boundaries of rational consumption, craving the sugar rush, forever tempted to go...

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