Sam Yong - Gauntlet

Gauntlet is an exhibition of new paintings by Sam Yong, depicting the struggles of life and how it is a constant test of survival.

This exhibition will run from Aug 8th - Aug 30th and will coincide with Jon Ching's solo show, Phase.

We have also released a new limited edition print by Sam Yong.

Using animals as a metaphor, the paintings in Gauntlet are about the human condition but also highlight dangers to the natural environment and how our actions can impact the survival of the natural world.

Sam Yong is a self-taught painter and illustrator from Melbourne who works across different traditional media. A self-confessed introvert, Sam Yong loves nature and solo adventure. His artwork is an expression of his love of solitude, the unknown and the natural world; the connection between human narratives and nature has always been a feature of...

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