Strange Beauty - Alex Garant, Mahlimae, Adipocere & Courtney Brims

Beinart Gallery presents Strange Beauty, an exhibition of new works, featuring Alex Garant’s vivid illusory portraits, Adipocere’s visceral post-gothic embroidery, Mahlimae’s sculptural orphaned echo’s and Courtney Brims’ intricate animals.

Opening reception: August 20, 6pm – 9pm. Runs until September 13.

Adipocere (Australia) developed an interest in embroidery as art in 2014, after he cross stitched an homage to the film Alien. From there he has created his own visuals inspired by a fascination with the macabre, combining themes of innocence with an unsettling and sinister melancholy, referring to many of his works as ‘emotional self-portraiture’. An environmental science student, flora and fauna related theory often influence his work as does a desire to utilize materials that are more sustainable. Working predominantly on natural linen, he has occasionally stitched temporary works into the epidermis layer of his left hand. Adipocere has primarily displayed his work in the United States via The Hive Gallery, Light Grey Art...

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