Stuart Amos - Urban Metamorphosis

Urban Metamorphosis is an exhibition of new paintings by Stuart Amos. This series is an intimate rendering of our connection to the urban plane. Amos derived his inspiration for this series from Melbourne, but he notes that the pieces could be relevant to any city. In these works, the subjects are emerging from the urban environment in some way, often becoming one with the background in which they are placed. This series also reflects our desire to decorate ourselves: the graffiti covering some of the subjects evokes the tattoos with which people increasingly adorn themselves.

Opening Saturday, January 12, from 6pm – 9pm. Free entry. Exhibition runs from January 13 to February 3 and runs alongside Ross Jaylo’s solo show, Phantasm.

Stuart Amos is a Melbourne-based artist working exclusively in oils. He has had two solo exhibitions as well as several joint exhibitions and was chosen as a semifinalist for the 2015 Doug Moran National...

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