Victor Castillo - The Stolen Muse

The Stolen Muse is a collection of new paintings by Victor Castillo. Inspired by or stolen from Fifties and Sixties advertising, the artist’s muses are brought to life in the brilliant title painting, in fluorescent colour, and six 12 x 12 inch portraits of “chicas” in Castillo’s signature style.

Opening reception: Saturday, December 3rd, 6 - 9pm.

This exhibition will run from December 4th - December 23rd and will coincide with Robyn Rich's Optics, Marina Dieul's Le Jeu du Chat et de la SourisRoos Van Der Vliet's Allegory of the Moon Raul Guerra's HOPE.

The artist adeptly juxtaposes childhood innocence and cruelty with humour and irony in a playful commentary on avarice...

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