Marina Dieul - Le Jeu du Chat et de la Souris

Le Jeu du Chat et de la Souris is the latest collection of paintings by Marina Dieul. “Le Jeu du Chat et de la Souris” translates to English as “the cat-and-mouse game,” defined by Merriam-Webster as “a contrived action involving constant pursuit, near captures, and repeated escapes.”

As further described in Wikipedia, “the ‘cat’ is unable to secure a definitive victory over the ‘mouse,’ who, despite not being able to defeat the cat, is able to avoid capture. In extreme cases, the idiom may imply that the contest is never-ending." Dieul posits that this might be the best analogy for what seems now her never-ending painting series.

Opening reception: Saturday, December 3rd, 6 - 9pm.

This exhibition will run from December 4th - Decermber 23rd and will coincide with Victor Castillo's The Stolen Muse, Robyn Rich's Read More

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