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July 14 – August 5

Small Works 2018

Small Works 2018: A group exhibition featuring over 70 artists! – CATALOGUEPRESS RELEASE

August 11 – September 2

Botanical Bestiary - Courtney Brims

Botanical Bestiary: Courtney Brims, Lauren Marx, Crystal Morey & Thomas Jackson – PRESS RELEASE

September 8 – September 30

Ronit Baranga solo exhibition.

Michael Reedy solo exhibition.

Images coming soon.

October 6 – October 28

Sam Yong solo exhibition.

Gerard Geer solo exhibition.

Images coming soon.

November 3 – November 25

Naoto Hattori solo exhibition, Lucid Dreamer.

Renee French solo exhibition.

Images coming soon.

December 1 – December 23

Group exhibition of Australian Artists.

Image coming soon.


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