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February 9 – March 3

Alex Garant - 3am Rococo

Alex Garant solo exhibition, 3am Rococo – ONLINE PREVIEWPRESS RELEASE


Brian Cheung - Mass Behaviour

Brian Cheung solo exhibition, Mass BehaviourONLINE PREVIEWPRESS RELEASE

Troy Coulterman - Watching, Waiting

Troy Coulterman solo exhibition, Watching, WaitingONLINE PREVIEWPRESS RELEASE

March 9 – March 31

Shaun Tan solo exhibition - Untold Tales

Shaun Tan solo exhibition, Untold TalesPRESS RELEASEJOIN ONLINE PREVIEW LIST

April 6 – April 28

Adrian Cox solo exhibition.

Lukifer Aurelius solo exhibition.

Gerard Geer solo exhibition.

Image coming soon.

May 4 – May 26

Johnson Tsang solo exhibition.

Kelogsloops solo exhibition.

Images coming soon.

June 1 – June 23

Small Works 2019.

Image coming soon.

July 13 – August 4

Chet Zar solo exhibition.

Dark Art 2019.

Images coming soon.

August 10 – September 1

Cinta Vidal solo exhibition.

Chris Leib solo exhibition.

Images coming soon.

September 7 – September 29

Marina Dieul solo exhibition.

Miso solo exhibition.

QimmyShimmy (Qixuan Lim) solo exhibition.

Images coming soon.

October 5 – October 27

Scott Listfield solo exhibition.

Beau White solo exhibition.

Image coming soon.

November 2 – November 24

Dilka Bear solo exhibition.

Group exhibition curated by Kylie Dexter.

Images coming soon.

November 30 – December 22

Erika Sanada solo exhibition.

Brian Mashburn solo exhibition.

Annita Maslov solo exhibition.

Image coming soon.


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