Ginklet - Ginklet's World

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'Ginklet’s World' is a collection of new, playful ceramic works by Ginklet, AKA Molly Melican.

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Opening reception: Saturday April 27th, 6 - 9pm, 6pm - 9pm. Drinks will be provided by our friends at Better Beer.

This exhibition will run from Apr 28th - May 19th and will coincide with Adrian Cox's 'The Labyrinth of Unknowing', Katie Gamb's 'Misfit Toys',  and Catriona Secker's 'Artificial Subconscious'.

Ginklet's World contains a mixture of Ginklet's signature sculptures - Goblins, Balaclava Bandits, Latex Cowboys and two headed beasts.

Each piece showcases a delicate duality of creepy and cute; with protruding grisly fangs contrasted with bright popping colours.

Molly Melican, better known as Ginklet, is a young emerging ceramic artist, working and living in Melbourne, Australia. Molly has always been attracted to the unusual and weird, often making sculptural pieces that reflect this affinity. Her ceramics elicit a sense of child-like curiosity; with every character she creates having its own quirky characteristics and personality brought to life.

Molly has always desired to encapsulate a sense of fun and humour in her works. She believes that art should not only provide beauty and fascination, but also a sense of relief and playfulness in ones life.

Graeme Base - Animalia Adrian Cox - The Labyrinth of Unknowing