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Kristen Egan art

'Dark Salt Water' is a captivating collection of new mask sculptures by Kristen Egan.

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Opening reception: Saturday July 20th, 6 - 9pm. Drinks will be provided by our friends at Better Beer. 

This exhibition will run from Jul 21st - Aug 11th and will coincide with Olga Esther's 'Gaia: Seeds of Peace', QimmyShimmy's 'Still Life', Gustavo Rimada's 'Folklórico' and Julia A. Rich's 'Soft Place'.

Building on the styles and techniques she has refined over the years, this series represents both a continuation and an evolution of Kristen’s sculptural mask-making. Departing from her usual pantheon of forest creatures, “Dark Salt Water” delves into the realm of ocean life, exploring new and uncharted territory.

Inspired by illuminated manuscripts, Baroque fountains, dream imagery, and ancient mythologies, these maritime masks are some of her most experimental and complex constructions yet. The gourd and paper-clay sculptures are intricately detailed with hand-cut and hammered brass, carved driftwood, and seashells collected by the artist.

At a time when respect for our oceans is more critical than ever, “Dark Salt Water” invites viewers to reflect on our aquatic origins and the myriad mysterious life forms of the sea.

Kristen Egan is a mixed media artist specializing in masks and sculptures. Her creative process harnesses the organic shapes of materials like gourds, antlers, and tree branches. By adding details with carved wood, paper clay, and acrylic paints, she often juxtaposes bright patterns and ornamentation against raw or weathered surface textures. Learning to adapt her designs to the contours of natural objects has profoundly influenced her style, with an element of improvisation that infuses her work with a unique energy.

Kristen’s work, an amalgamation of ancient and modern materials and techniques, explores contemporary folk art, touching on themes such as totemic imagery, astronomy, and ecology.

Kristen graduated with a BFA in Art & Design from the SUNY College of Ceramics at Alfred University. Her work is collected internationally and has been exhibited in galleries across the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. She currently works from her home studio in Pennsylvania.

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