Abigail Goldman - Small Improvements

Small Improvements is the latest collection of sculptures by Abigail Goldman. They are miniature, rendered in 1:87 scale: the figures in each work are just under 2 centimeters tall.

Opening reception: Saturday, March 4th, 6 - 9pm.

This exhibition will run from March 5th - March 26th and will coincide with Jason Limon's Perplexed, Beau White's Taste of Victory and Josh Juett's MM..FOOD

Goldman calls these miniature scenes “dieoramas.” While they initially appear charming, the viewer looking closely soon realizes that the diminutive figures within each dieorama are holding weapons, lying in pools of blood or standing in a kitchen, serving body parts for breakfast. What first appears to be a generic suburban family setting unfolds into a macabre tableau where miniature mayhem reigns.

The dieoramas in Small Improvements are part of Goldman’s ongoing exploration of...

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