Beau White - Taste of Victory

Taste of Victory is a series of still life oil paintings by Beau White. This collection features second-hand sporting trophies and nostalgic foodstuffs.

Opening reception: Saturday, March 4th, 6 - 9pm.

This exhibition will run from March 5th - March 26th and will coincide with Abigail Goldman's Small Improvements, Jason Limon's Perplexed and Josh Juett's MM..FOOD

After finding old plastic trophies in charity shops White became interested in what they once meant to the owner and the second life they anticipated them having by donating them rather than throwing them away. There was something melancholic about these discarded trophies once cherished and now obsolete, hoping to find a new home but unlikely to retain the emotional value that they once had.

By pairing these disposable idols of victory with nostalgic foods that as adults we leave behind, White...

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