Ben Howe - The More Things Change

The More Things Change is a new series of paintings by Ben Howe. In these works, Howe combines scientific and spiritual concepts in a series of meditations on identity, consciousness and temporal existence.

Opening reception: Saturday, July 16th, 6 - 9pm. Drinks will be provided by Ballistic Beer Co and Hills Cider.

This exhibition will run from July 17th - August 7th and will coincide with Annie Montgomerie's Fitting In, Bruno Pontiroli's Expression Corporelle and Andrew Cadima's Invasions.

The figures in these paintings are not anchored in reality but are intended to appear as statues: solid yet strangely weightless within a quiet space. All of the components within these compositions share the same material and, like many of Howe’s paintings, evolved from a sculptural genesis evocative of primitive effigies while incorporating elements of symbol, tension and reflection. While some works allude to world events or examine...

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