Bruno Pontiroli - Expression Corporelle

Expression Corporelle is a new collection of paintings by Bruno Pontiroli. With these pieces, Pontiroli’s goal was to pay respects to Australia’s really special fauna, some species of which are endangered by humans, even if some of them are currently protected.

Opening reception: Saturday, July 16th, 6 - 9pm. Drinks will be provided by Ballistic Beer Co and Hills Cider.

This exhibition will run from July 17th - August 7th and will coincide with Annie Montgomerie's Fitting In, Andrew Cadima's Invasions and Ben Howe's The More Things Change.

This series was an opportunity for Pontiroli to study these species and to play with their unique characteristics. The kangaroo, for example, with its long tail that can also serve as a support, like a fifth leg, offers many possibilities of deformation and distortion. This peculiarity allowed him to balance the animal on its tail in order to play more...

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