Brad Gunn - Fuzzles

Fuzzles is a series of new sculptures by Brad Gunn. It is a nostalgic reimagining of childhood storybooks and morning cartoon programs, stories that featured characters who shaped our identity in our formative years and incorporated values that we might or might not have noticed while watching them. 

Opening reception: Saturday, September 10th, 6 - 9pm.

This exhibition will run from September 11th - October 2nd and will coincide with Jon Ching's Habitat, Nicole Evans' Smoke Signals and Brian Mashburn's Nervous System.

Fuzzles is a throwback to those strange creatures that in every episode would teach us the virtues of teamwork, friendship and forgiveness that helped us navigate the world. Fuzzles asks, what if we still relied on these characters?  What would they look like today, and what would they represent?  

Gunn reimagines these characters for adulthood, combining mature issues like sex, depression and...

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