Brian Mashburn - Nervous System

Nervous System is a new series of paintings by Brian Mashburn. This show explores systems under duress: weighted down or at a tipping point, precarious and essentially nervous.

Opening reception: Saturday, September 10th, 6 - 9pm.

This exhibition will run from September 11th - October 2nd and will coincide with Jon Ching's Habitat, Nicole Evans' Smoke Signals and Brad Gunn's Fuzzles.

Consistent with Mashburn’s previous work in terms of themes and style, these paintings feature animal subjects in more or less allegorical or metaphorical roles. The landscapes are interwoven with man-made constructions in various states and intended functions: recreational, industrial, religious, etc.

The works are current observations, albeit somewhat stylized and surreal. The subjects are intended to be open to interpretation. For example, one piece depicts a monkey, eating a peach, sitting atop an elephant in mid-stride. The elephant could represent the persistence of memory (as...

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