Brian Cheung - Panacea

Panacea, a new series of paintings by Brian Cheung, is an exploration of the artist’s relationship to his own work, as well as the drastic ways in which the pandemic has forced a shift and reevaluation of his practice and approach. Rather than studies and surveys of the unfamiliar, Cheung has looked inward, finding solace in his own imagination.

Closing reception: Nov 28th, 3 - 6pm.

This exhibition will run from November 7th - November 28th and will coincide with Jana Brike's show Don’t Go Back to Sleep, Georgie Seccull's show Of Anima and Animus & Josh Juett's Monologue.

Using repetitive and reflected motifs and imagery, optical illusions and hidden layers, Cheung has used his work as a place to hide—creating portals to more orderly, idyllic places he’d rather be.

Brian Cheung (Australia) is a visual artist, illustrator, graphic designer and sometimes photographer based...

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