Georgie Seccull - Of Anima and Animus

In 'Of Anima and Animus', Georgie Seccull uses sculpture to dive into the mystical; exploring the essential nature of gender through a series of otherworldly, yet tantalizingly familiar beings.

Closing reception: Nov 28th, 3 - 6pm.

This exhibition will run from November 7th - November 28th and will coincide with Jana Brike's show Don’t Go Back to SleepJosh Juett's Monologue & Brian Cheung's show Panacea.

Seccull’s aim to dismantle the binary constructs of the mind stems from her recognition of our inherently androgynous nature, regardless of one’s gender. The elements of masculine and feminine dancing within each of us may appear as opposites yet are ultimately expressions of a single united force. Thus, her sculptures explore what it is to hold both the yin and the yang.

Beginning with a thousand pieces strewn across the floor, Seccull orchestrates her creatures’ birth from...

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