Josh Juett - Monologue

Monologue is a new series of paintings by Josh Juett. It is a visual representation of his inner monologue, an attempt to reconcile his own thoughts and become a conscious observer of the persistent ramblings of the mind.

Closing reception: Nov 28th, 3 - 6pm.

This exhibition will run from November 7th - November 28th and will coincide with Jana Brike's show Don’t Go Back to Sleep, Georgie Seccull's show Of Anima and Animus & Brian Cheung's show Panacea.

The paintings in Monologue contain symbolism of a quite personal nature. Some symbols are from everyday life, and some involve the use of animated pop culture, due to Juett’s strong relationship to the medium, likely drawn from a place of nostalgic comfort.

Monologue explores the space between ignorance and comprehension. The viewer...

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