Erik Sherman - The Rare Earth Hypothesis

The Rare Earth Hypothesis is a new series of paintings by Erik Sherman. By creating alien landscapes using recognisable natural components, Sherman invites the viewer to step into imaginary worlds while remaining grounded within the familiar systems that exist on Earth.

Opening reception: February 26th, 6 - 9pm.

This exhibition will run from February 27th - March 20th and will coincide with Alex Garant's The Ghosts Of Ourselves, Jacqueline Butterworth's The Gatecrashers & Jennifer Allnutt's Semper Augustus.

For life as we know it to exist on this planet, a serendipitous combination of astronomical, geological and biological factors needs to occur. (1) Earth’s distance from the sun is within the Goldilocks Zone, an area around a star where liquid water can exist. (2) Earth’s molten iron core creates a magnetic field around our planet,  protecting us from solar radiation. (3) Life on earth has undergone 5 major...

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