Alex Garant - The Ghosts Of Ourselves

The Ghosts Of Ourselves is the latest collection of paintings by Alex Garant. In this series, Garant explores the idea of multiple lives within our own time alive.

Opening reception: February 26th, 6 - 9pm.

This exhibition will run from February 27th - March 20th and will coincide with Jennifer Allnutt's Semper Augustus, Jacqueline Butterworth's The Gatecrashers & Erik Sherman's The Rare Earth Hypothesis.

This group of works is based on the idea that when looking back at our past, we often understand that we left behind several versions of ourselves: our inner child roams early memories, the embarrassment and awkwardness of our teenage self or the multiple reinvented interpretations of adulthood.

While outer stimuli force us to adapt and constantly evolve as humans, we keep the ghosts of ourselves safely within our consciousness, even allowing them to influence us in the present day. Our youthful traumas...

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