Gigi Chen - A Collective Glow

A Collective Glow' is a collection of new paintings by Gigi Chen

This exhibition will run from June 23rd - July 14th and will coincide with Richard Ahnert's 'Alchemy of Objects', Jesús Aguado's 'Bones and Joy' and Briana Hertzog's ' A Feral Garden'   

The series 'A Collective Glow' explores the close connection between nature and mythology, telling narratives of Chen's complex feelings about family, belonging, safety and love. The paintings prominently feature creatures (usually birds) acting as conduits for Chen and her own stories. In nature birds commune, creating close connections and complex attachments to one another and other wildlife through light and darkness.  These paintings play with dream-like imagery, reminiscent of childhood media that often featured magical animals. A bejeweled deer and a horse with emblems emblazoned on his haunches are all nostalgic callbacks to our childhood.  

Born in GuangDong, China and raised in New...

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