Jesús Aguado - Bones and Joy

'Bones and Joy' is a collection of new paintings by Jesús Aguado.

Opening reception: Saturday June 22nd, 6 - 9pm. Drinks will be provided by our friends at Better Beer.

This exhibition will run from June 23rd - July 14th and will coincide with Gigi Chen's 'A Collective Glow', Richard Ahnert's 'Alchemy of Objects' and Briana Hertzog's 'Feral Garden'.

In 'Bones and Joy' Jesús Aguado delves into the paradox of existence, where joy and darkness coexist. His work's dark, visceral tones often mask the underlying bliss, reflecting how light and love are fully appreciated only after experiencing darkness. Aguado's art is shrouded in mystery and mysticism yet always tinged with a touch of the absurd, offering a unique commentary on his world.


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