Ronit Baranga

With their probing tongues and wandering fingers, Ronit Baranga’s sculptures are immediately recognisable for their mischievous, playful quality. By giving human features to everyday objects she gives them an identity beyond their original intention and transforms them into characters who create their own amusing narratives. More recently, she has extended her practice to include a variety of other strange figurative works.

Implicit in Baranga’s work is an age-old question of art vs craft or in this case, art vs ceramics. She says when she first started her ceramic studies that she was conscious of not fitting neatly into either context, ‘neither here nor there’. From this discomfort, she began her series of surreal tea set crockery, where utilitarian objects designated for specific purposes, such as plates, cups and milk jugs, were transformed by way of fingers and mouths into active agents who had choice over their own identity. Thus ‘craft’ became ‘art’, ‘still’ became ‘alive’, ‘passive’ became...

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