Steven Kenny - Natural Sovereignty

Natural Sovereignty is the latest series of paintings by Steven Kenny. These works provide an opportunity for the viewer to consider the inherent worth of animals and our relationship with them.

Opening reception: Saturday, November 5th, 6 - 9pm.

This exhibition will run from November 6th - November 27th and will coincide with Stephanie Kilgast's Knowledge?, Alvaro Naddeo's (igno)RANT and Symbiosis, a group show curated by Luke Barrett.

Before humans appeared on the scene, Earth’s flora and fauna existed in a self-governing state. The concept of hierarchies is a manmade construction. In nature, living things operate according to their own instinctive rules. These inborn, hard-wired instruction books guide each species along life paths that best suit their needs and, in doing so, weave a highly complex symbiotic fabric.


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