Wunderkammer - Co-curated by Indigo Rawson-Smith

Wunderkammer is a group exhibition inspired by Wunderkammern, also known as Cabinets of Curiosities, which first flourished during the Renaissance and Enlightenment periods. These cabinets are eclectic collections of rare and peculiar objects and oddities, ranging from natural specimens and scientific instruments to art objects and mysterious artefacts.

Opening reception: Saturday, March 30th, 6pm - 9pm. Complimentary drinks will be provided by our friends at Better Beer.

This exhibition will run from March 31st - April 21st and will coincide with Erik Sherman's 'Gifts Of Our Sun', Wiley Wallace's 'Passing Through' and Ellen Sheidlin's 'NOISE'.

This exhibition comprises of paintings and sculptures in traditional mediums as well as Wunderkammer worthy handmade art objects and curios. The works in this show evoke a sense of wonder, intrigue, and fascination, blurring the boundaries between the ordinary and the extraordinary.


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