Jesús Aguado - The Joker God

The Joker God is the latest series of paintings by Jesús Aguado. His goal in this collection was to create an alternate universe, a world totally twisted in its biological and physical forms. For him, the show represents a commitment to breaking the rules in favour of absolute creative freedom.

Opening reception: Dec 4th, 6 - 9pm.

This exhibition will run from December 5th - December 24th and will coincide with Scott Listfield's show Suns and Moons, Kim Evans' Mother Tongue & Ryan Pola's show Full Bloom.

The scenes and characters include elements that contradict or disturb the essence of their nature, through them Aguado seeks a balance between opposites, a contrast. Aguado makes images aesthetically shrouded in mystery and mysticism, but always contaminated with the absurd. In this way, he...

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