Ryan Pola - Full Bloom

Full Bloom is a collection of drawings by Ryan Pola. This show examines such themes as rebirth and transition, with heavy influences of mythology and nature.

Opening reception: Dec 4th, 6 - 9pm.

This exhibition will run from December 5th - December 24th and will coincide with Scott Listfield's show Suns and Moons, Jesús Aguado's The Joker God & Kim Evans' show Mother Tongue.

The majority of the pieces double as a personification or representation of mythologies, in particular, Greek mythology. Grecian tales have fascinated Pola since he was a child. The people depicted in the drawings are used as a reflection of our own humanity.

Often the flora present in the drawings is in some process of consuming the figure. Whether this is a symbiotic or parasitic relationship is inconsequential: Pola is exploring a process of being at peace with something much larger than himself as an individual.


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