Scott Listfield - Suns and Moons

Suns and Moons is a new series of paintings by Scott Listfield. This group of paintings continues Listfield’s theme of allowing an astronaut to provide mute commentary on what is going on around them, which is largely based on what is going on around us. These new paintings are heavily influenced by Listfield’s feelings at our current stage of the COVID pandemic.

Opening reception: Dec 4th, 6 - 9pm.

This exhibition will run from December 5th - December 24th and will coincide with Jesús Aguado's show The Joker God, Kim Evans' Mother Tongue & Ryan Pola's show Full Bloom.

Listfield has traveled extensively, and exploration has always been an important theme in his work. In the COVID era, that exploration has largely been interior. In early 2020, he made paintings that tried to make sense of a world that seemed to be crumbling around him. Around the middle of 2020, he...

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