Kim Evans - Mother Tongue

Mother Tongue is the latest collection of works by Kim Evans. The show takes its name from the term commonly referring to a language spoken since childhood. Mother Tongue alludes to images as Evans' language, encompassing a fascination with, and love of, using the visual language of imagination, dreams (night and lucid), visions and intuitive visual prompts.

Opening reception: Dec 4th, 6 - 9pm.

This exhibition will run from December 5th - December 24th and will coincide with Scott Listfield's show Suns and Moons, Jesús Aguado's The Joker God & Ryan Pola's show Full Bloom.

Exploring this language not lost to childhood, communication in images, in symbols, the unlimited juxtaposition of elements (elementals) and the visual freedoms that extend beyond everyday sensory perceptions and dialogues, continues to inspire Evans.

Mother tongue, in this context, also becomes another “faculty” to perceive the everyday world...

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