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Exhibited Artists

Below is a selection of artists who have exhibited at beinArt Gallery. Click on an artist’s thumbnail to see their available works in our stock room.

*Please note: If you would like to be notified when we have new artworks available by a particular artist, please contact us.

  • Adrian Cox

    Adrian Cox

    Adrian Cox’s (Missouri, USA) “Sensory Garden” presents a glimpse into the lives of the Border Creatures, a race of hybrid beings that inhabit the lush wilderness of the Borderlands.
  • Naoto Hattori

    Naoto Hattori

    Naoto Hattori’s (Japan) psychedelic paintings are created spontaneously and unravel like a stream of consciousness from his mind. He tries not to over analyse or censor his work.
  • Alex Garant

    Alex Garant

    Alex Garant (Canada) decided to truly commit to her passion for Arts after suffering from a heart attack in 2012, changing forever how she would see the world. 
Garant uses patterns, duplication of elements,  symmetry and image superposition as key elements of her imagery.
  • Adipocere


    Adipocere (Australia) uses embroidery to create his own visuals inspired by a fascination with the macabre. He combines themes of innocence with an unsettling and sinister melancholy, referring to many of his works as ‘emotional self-portraiture’.
  • Chris Leib

    Chris Leib

    Chris Leib (USA) meticulously layered and detailed paintings provide his subjects with a corporeal quality that pull us into their narrative and culture references.
  • Chet Zar

    Chet Zar

    Chet Zar (USA) is notable for his dark visual art, make-up effects, and digital animation. He is most widely known for his work with Tool's music and live videos.
  • Jana Brike

    Jana Brike

    Jana Brike's (Latvia) paintings are inspired by folklore, fairy tales, children's book illustrations, imaginative Soviet animated films, classical paintings and most of all, life. In her work, she explores the internal space and state of a human soul - dreams, longing, love, pain, growing up and self-discovery.
  • Casey Weldon

    Casey Weldon

    Casey Weldon (USA) utilizes a bright, vibrating hyper-chromatic palette and carefully constructs layers of neon glaze to create a supernatural glow, almost as though the painting is illuminated from within.
  • Dan Quintana

    Dan Quintana

    Dan Quintana (United States) paints eerie, goddess-like figures immersed in figurative and ethereal worlds. The extensive time spent on each figure is apparent, as their staggering precision grips one’s attention in an instant.
  • Sam Yong

    Sam Yong (Melbourne, Australia) is a self-taught painter from Melbourne. He works across different traditional media.
  • Beau White

    Beau White (Australia) is a hyperrealist and figurative oil painter who uses nightmarish imagery and absurdism to explore the darker side of the human condition.
  • Rodrigo Luff

    Rodrigo Luff

    Rodrigo Luff’s (Australia) palette is vibrant and his sense of light luminous. He explores a feeling of the otherworldly by capturing his subjects in trance-like dream states, suspended in mysterious atmospheres.
  • Jean-Pierre Arboleda

    Jean-Pierre Arboleda

    Jean-Pierre Arboleda’s (USA) obsession with animals and nature has grown to encompass topics that concern issues of evolutionary change, environmental toxicity, and war.
  • Tim Molloy

    Tim Molloy (New Zealand) makes weird art, mostly in the form of comics and watercolour paintings. He is inspired by the occult, religion, horror, science fiction, psychedelia and a lifetime of bizarre dreams.
  • Robert Steven Connett

    Robert Steven Connett

    Robert Steven Connett (United States) takes his current inspiration from biological forms, both flora and fauna, micro and macro, land and ocean dwelling.
  • Gerard Geer

    Gerard Geer

    Gerard Geer (Melbourne, Australia) utilises a combination of naturalistic articulation of animal specimens and amalgamations of interspecific forms to create fantastical hybrid creatures.
  • Pamela Wilson

    Pamela Wilson

    Pamela Wilson (USA) has built a reputation for works of art that transcend the commonplace to enter the realm of the otherworldly. She develops haunting images which create a remarkably compelling narrative.
  • Charlie Immer

    Charlie Immer

    Charlie Immer (USA) enjoys dissecting his subjects which creates a contrast between colourful simple characters and the complex beauty of the anatomy within them.
  • Courtney Brims

    Courtney Brims

    Courtney Brims (Australia) work explores her curiosity with the natural world, specifically the interplay between prey and predator through adaptation and metamorphosis.
  • Kit King & Oda

    Kit King & Oda

    Kit King & Corey Oda Popp (Canada) are a husband and wife oil painting duo known for their edgy hyperrealistic portraits.
  • Laurie Hogin

    Laurie Hogin

    Laurie Hogin's (USA) work consistes primarily of allegorical paintings of mutant plants and animals in languishing, overgrown landscape settings or posed as though for classical still life or portraiture.
  • Ben Howe

    Ben Howe

    Ben Howe (Australia) has explored the nature of consciousness, his own personal history and the incongruities of memory through his artwork, in a career which has taken him to England, Germany, China and the USA.
  • Dan May

    Dan May

    Dan May's (United States) detail-intensive works have become widely recognized for their dreamlike ability to transcend the natural states of space and time.
  • Lauren Marx

    Lauren Marx

    Lauren Marx (USA) connects the animal world to the cosmos. This strange universe made of decaying animals is in a constant state of flux, where degeneration gives way to a grotesque kind of growth.
  • Mahlimae


    Nicole Watt aka Mahlimae's (Australia) exquisitely simplistic and emotionally driven characters evolve from a world long forgotten; a world hidden in the shadows of imagination.
  • Stuart Amos

    Stuart Amos

    Stuart Amos (Australia) is best known for his realistic style with an underlying sense of the surreal; juxtaposing human life with the natural world.
  • Miso

    Miso’s (United States) art is often stimulated by her interpretation of the known and her experimentation with the unknown. Fascinated with biology, pathology and the science of evolution, Miso has sought to fabricate a world in which strange creatures, born of her making, exist and thrive among us.
  • Sandra Yagi

    Sandra Yagi

    Sandra Yagi (USA) is interested in the intersection between science and art and is inspired by themes of anatomy, genetic manipulation, evolution and medical oddities.
  • Tiffany Bozic

    Tiffany Bozic

    Tiffany Bozic (USA) has spent the majority of her life living with and observing the intricacies of nature. Her work has the traditional air of tightly rendered nature illustrations but with a highly emotional range of surreal metaphorical themes.
  • Josh Keyes

    Josh Keyes

    Josh Keyes' (United States) work is a hybrid of eco-surrealism and dystopian folktales that express a concern for our time and the Earth's future.
  • Heidi Taillefer

    Heidi Taillefer

    Heidi Taillefer’s (Montreal, Quebec) style is strongly influenced by Surrealism, combined with a keen interest in technology and biology.
  • Jon Jaylo

    Jon Jaylo

    Jon Jaylo (Philippines) studied fine arts at college in the Philippines before he began his career as a painter in earnest. Jon’s works, though whimsical and full of symbolism, are infused with real stories from his own experiences.
  • Mat Dangler

    Mat Dangler

    Matt Dangler (USA) constructs fantastically inspired and engaging imagery, which contains the power to reveal new and undiscovered aspects of the personalities of each and every one of us, by speaking directly to our subconscious and therefore our inherent inner beings."